CSGO betting kinds

CSGO betting kinds

If you are playing CSGO, you probably know about the other side of this game: betting. Players and just people who like to watch the game are placing bets and trying to win various things, starting from additional skins to money.



There are of course some websites, where every day you can try your luck and spin the roulette or have some equivalent activity and earn another weapon case. This way you can get additional skins. Of course, they might not be that good, as it is hard to predict the value of your win. Also, you could win the skins you already have. If it so happens, you can always try and sell these skins.


Bets on teams

There is another way of how you can get more skins or money. It is betting on professional CSGO teams who participate in championships and try to win some new items to use in the game. If you choose this way, you have to learn a little bit more about these teams and how they play, what are their strengths and weaknesses.

Of course, if you start doing that, it is useful to get a little bit more help, like free coins or affiliate codes, so that you could bet more.


There are also some players who make other bets by using bitcoins, but I believe it’s more useful to win things you can directly use in the game.