eSport – is it worth it?

eSport – is it worth it?

If someone would ask me some years ago about eSports I would just shrug, but today I know more than I need to, because this is a thing that I make a living from.

ESport is based on gambling for your team, particular player or even game gang. But also you could lay the game by yourself.  Why is it worth it?

  • U could spend your time with favorite activity. Years and years people playing their favorite games and get only satisfaction. Despite that, eSports brings opportunity to earn money. So why not to try?
  • If u are good enough – u could make a living from it. Sure, u not gonna win a jackpot at first, but keep in mind that good concentration and constant work is well paid, even in eSports (or I should say especially in eSports).
  • The tournaments that are held gives you excitement and some motivation so most of the time you feeling great (I could say that from my experience).
  • U learn to lose and to win – that’s true. Even most talented players’ sucks sometimes, so, the winner status is dynamic, but when u get the payment and the winner status – feeling like a world savior or hero.

So, as long as I made these great 4 points from my experience, the question is it worth it or not – I would definitely say YES.

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