Quit my job for gaming – best decision ever!

Quit my job for gaming – best decision ever!

I was working in remarketing agency, but one day I just stopped and thought that this routine life sucks and I wanna do things that I love to do. I was thinking about games – so here we go – I decide to quit my job and start from the very beginning.

If you thinking about doing the same – could follow same path as I did:

  • Think which online games are best known for you and where u have most of experience;
  • Decide what you wanna do with gaming industry. It’s same like sports – u could be player, u could do gambling, u could write about it or make videos or whatever comes to your mind.
  • I chose write about games and became games journalist. All the time I was feeling passion for writing, analyzing things and share my opinion – so it perfectly fitted me.
  • Find platforms where you could sell your works. I searched for freelancing platforms, find some local gaming industry owners, so we make a deal about my reviews related with their games.
  • Keep in mind that the independent path is hard in the beginning and lots of times you will catch yourself thinking “Is it right and maybe it was a mistake to quit my job?” – but after all u’ll understand that was best that could happen for you.

Don’t be scared to take challenges in life and fight for your freedom and happiness. Remember that – YOLO.

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